Golden Oldies

...celebrating the older dog

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Welcome to the Frontpage


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Welcome to the site for lovers of dignified 14 year old Lily(and sometimes not so dignified) older dogs. 9 year old Mega

Here we hope to provide a site where owners can share the benefits of owning an old dog through poetry or personal stories about the special golden oldie in their lives. We also hope to link you up with other sites which provide information on the health, training and rescue of older dogs. Please feel free to submit photos or profiles for your older pet, or let us know of any good older dog sites you have come across in your travels.

Do you want to help in doggie research?

We are currently involved in a number of interesting studies with older dogs. This research aims to expand our knowledge of the ageing process and what behavioural changes can be expected. To learn more and to find out how you can be involved, please check out our Research Page.

Check if your dog is at risk of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction or doggie dementia

Complete our Canine Cogntive Dysfunction rating scale in the main menu to check if your dog is at risk. To find our more about how we developed this scale please check out our research page.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 November 2011 12:22